Choosing a pool service

A simple decision with far-reaching consequences. If you aren't going to maintain your own pool, you have two options: a cheap weekly rate or dependable professional service.

Frankly, it's your family, your money, your pool, your valuable investment. That means you set the rules. You want a different minimum-wage employee with minimal training entering your property every week, putting dangerous chemicals in your pool, hanging around your family, "caring" for your investment? All so you can save a few dollars a week? Fine, it's your choice, but we're not the pool service for you.

On the other hand, if you prefer to deal directly with the pool service owner and feel safer having an honest, reputable, businessman and a few hand-picked, highly trained employees keeping your pool clean and ready to enjoy, then we are eager to be your partner.

We've purposely kept our business small so that we can provide you with the best customer experience. Granted, we could make more money hiring dozens of employees and servicing thousands of accounts, but we just wouldn't feel right delivering inferior service to you.

Our story

Always Blue & Clear Pool Service was founded by Bryan Courville in 2007. At that time, Bryan had been encouraged to learn the trade from the best. He heard about a long-time pool service owner who rarely ever hired anyone and who kept his trade secrets close to his vest. Bryan was so eager to learn the business that he offered to work for free so that he could be trained by this master tradesman.

After gaining enough knowledge to start managing his own accounts, Bryan continued researching, learning, getting more certifications, working hard to excel, all to give his customers the best possible pool experience.

Fast forward 13 years. Bryan is now the president of a local chapter of the International Pool and Spa Service Association. Ironically, this means he spends a portion of his time training his competitors in all facets of pool maintenance and teaches them how to run an honest, ethical business. He also provides training for homeowners who are trying to learn more about caring for their own pools.

Bryan has built a reputation for excellent service and for going beyond the call of duty. Need emergency service? Bryan's personal phone number is on 24 hours a day and he welcomes your call.

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