Frequently asked questions
Are you licensed and insured?

Excellent question, especially since many pool service companies cut corners and operate illegally. While being licensed and insured adds to our business overhead, we will not perform work for which we are not licensed and insured. We are happy to provide proof of insurance on request. We are licensed as an electrician for installing, repairing, and replacing all electronic pool components and we also meet the requirements for TICL 515. As such, we are regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, P.O. Box 12157, Austin, Texas, 78711, 1-800-803-9202, 512-463-6599; website:

How often do you recommend servicing the pool?

During the summer season, it is best to clean the pool weekly. Additionally, we bring our mobile water lab and make sure that the water is treated for optimal conditions. In the winter, twice monthly will usually suffice to keep your pool in good condition. And at all times of year, an eye has to be kept on water levels, debris, cover care, and other maintenance items.

If I hire you, do I still have to clean the pool myself?

Yes and no. Our Cleaning page describes two optional maintenance agreements. One includes weekly pool cleaning and chemical maintenance. The other package only includes chemical maintenance, so you will have to take care of the cleaning yourself. That being said, even with a full service package, it is best for the pool if the homeowner can take care of some items between visits, such as removing debris, clearing skimmer baskets, and checking for obstructions that could block the circulation of your pool.

Do you offer pool repair services?

Our experienced technicians are capable of performing many pool and equipment repairs. If extensive repairs are needed, we will give you honest recommendations and can refer you to some of our trusted partners who specialize in larger repairs and renovations.

How much does your service cost?

There are many variables involved in pricing pool maintenance. Pool type and size are obviously a factor, but even the landscaping will impact the amount of work required to keep a pool in excellent condition. Trees and bushes can complicate maintenance as a source of constant organic debris. There are also additional costs from time to time, such as filter cleaning or specialized chemical treatments to keep the pool in top condition. To give you an accurate price, we prefer to make a free, no-obligation visit to your home to evaluate the situation. Please contact us today to schedule the visit at a time convenient to you.

Is a pool service worth the expense or can I maintain my own pool?

Many people do maintain their own pools. They don't mind spending hours each week taking care of their pool. From time to time they will bring in a service to assist with equipment repairs or more extensive work such as a drain and clean. For most people, hiring an experienced technician with a mobile water lab and high-end cleaning equipment is a much better option for the long-term value and usability of their pool. In addition, seems like everyone is short on time, and when they come home they would rather enjoy their pool instead of cleaning it. That's where we come in. We work so you can play.

My pool stays fairly clean. Do I need a cleaning service?

Your pool water may look clear, but that does not mean it is safe for swimming. Chlorine is rapidly depleted, especially in warmer months with higher swim loads. Regular brushing and vacuuming combined with weekly water labs and treatments will keep algae at bay and provide a safe environment for you.

Isn't there a simple formula for adding chemicals to the pool?

No. Water chemistry is tricky to balance. In addition to 6 standard chemicals, our water labs and inspections may indicate the need for phosphate removers, algaecides, clarifiers, stain treatments, flocculants, sequestering agents, scale and metal removers, and other annual treatments to protect and preserve your pool.

I'm considering buying a home with a pool. Anything I should know?

To protect yourself, please contact us and schedule a pool inspection. It is important to use someone who is familiar with pool equipment and common problems that are frequently missed by a home inspection service.