Pool Renovation

Pool Renovation
Ugly, cracking plaster?

Over the years, plaster will wear out. If you see cracking, discoloration, or delamination, it's probably time to have the pool replastered. We can repair the problems, and at the same time add a tint to the new plaster.

Worn, warped decking?

If your pool decking looks worn or faded, a simple refinishing or resurfacing can make it look like new again. Your choice - restore it to original condition, upgrade it, or update the look of your pool decking.

Dingy old pool?

If you're ready to make the pool look great at night, state of the art LED systems are a great choice. Modern systems allow colored lighting and user customization. Using corrosion-free fittings lets you upgrade the look of the pool in a way that will last for years.

Easy operation!

The filtration, circulation, heating, and sanitization systems on older pools can be upgraded to automated systems. This makes your pool easier to operate and maintain.

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