Do pools dream?

Yessir, they do. You see, pools might seem relatively harmless in the light of day, but at night? Different story. At night, pools dream of being natural. And what is natural you ask?

A natural pool is green. Full of frogs, mosquitoes, decaying organic matter, and a funky smell. Don't believe us? Turn your back on the pool for a couple weeks and look what it does. Turns into a natural pool all by itself. Don't say we didn't warn you.

The Problem?

Algae and bacteria. They are found virtually everywhere on earth. In oceans, rivers, lakes, and ponds? Yep. On trees, grass, soil, walls, and concrete? You know it. If you have sunlight and water, you have algae and bacteria.

Oh, and the frogs? They come for the bugs. Which come for the algae and organic matter.

The solution?

Cleaning. Lots of cleaning. Skim the pool. Brush the pool. Vacuum the pool. Shock the pool. Vacuum the pool again. Check the water chemistry. Add professional-grade chemicals. Buy new pump, skimmer, and chlorinator. Flush the filters. Curse the day you bought the pool. Rinse and repeat.

That's where we come in. We do the work so you can play. Choose from two weekly pool care packages that are designed to keep your pool blue and clear.

Two weekly plans

Chemical Only*

This is our basic weekly service plan. It includes a periodic inspection of pool equipment and circulation of water. We empty the pump basket, monitor the filter pressure, and backwash when necessary.

We run water tests for chlorine, P.H., total alkalinity, salt level (if applicable), calcium hardness, and conditioner. We adjust the water chemistry with 6 standard chemicals included* and will also provide other chemicals as needed for a small additional charge.

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Cleaning and Chemical*

This advanced package starts with all of the services listed in our Chemical Only plan, then adds weekly cleaning services.

On each weekly visit, we net the surface and floor, power vacuum as needed, brush pool sides and walls, and use a portable or system suction vacuum as needed.

If there is an automated cleaner in use, we also monitor its effectiveness, empty the bag, and check wall (pressure) and inline (suction) filters as required.

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